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"Balance" Music Video (Fear 2 Freedom)

"Life is a balancing ACT. I'm trying my best just to keep it inTACT. There's hardly a moment to chill and RELAX. Freedom is costly, I pay the TAX!" 

"Fear 2 Freedom" Album Ratings

Dominic Grant gives it...

5 out of 5 👌

Adam Brewster gives it...

"A solid 4.5" out of 5 ✊🏿

DK (Rapper/Artist) says it's a...

5 out of 5 (but the man is featured in it) 💯

Matthew Whalen weighed in and gave it a...

5 out of 5 🙏🏿

Lace Woltz (Hip-Hop Head) had to give it a...

5 out of 5 🙌🏿

Elijah Bowers (Hip-Hop Producer/Engineer) ranked it a...

10 out of 5 😱😱😱 "By far one of the best albums I've heard, not even just locally." 

Who is Emmett Phillips???

Emily Lang- Co-Founder of RunDSM says...

 Emmett Phillips is a talented artist, educator, and community advocate with an unwavering passion and drive to uplift those around him. His positivity is present in every encounter he shares with humanity, whether it's performing in front of a live audience, a casual encounter in the park, or leading a workshop for our city's most brilliant young people. Emmett has the ability to bring people together, elevating what is possible for a community to thrive.

Kris Rollins- Co-Founder of RunDSM says...

 Emmett is authentic and genuine in his approach to using art as a platform to speak on important topics and inspire.  He is the epitome of positivity and his character is magnetic.  His ambition and heart motivates people and he is always willing to pour into others in order to uplift, energize, and engage with the purpose of helping them reach personally defined success.      

Alejandro Rodriguez- Director of AAC for ASTEP and Actor says...

 "Emmett Phillips is a creative force of nature. Anyone who has ever met him has been changed by the encounter. His superpowers are numerous, but just to illuminate three: 1) he has an almost divine capacity for empathy and understanding, across gender, race, culture & class, which he utilizes to build bridges to connect the most disparate terrain. 2) He has bottomless, olympic amounts of energy, which radiates off of his body and lights up any room he is in. Emmett is like a sun walking around on two legs. And 3), he is a consummate artist, and the two ingredients necessary for creative expression live within him in perfect proportion: discipline and imagination. He can dream up new worlds -- new songs, new albums, new communities -- and then, much less common, he can dedicate the requisite resources, time and herculean effort to bring them to life. Emmett has Vision and he has Follow-through; that's a potent combination. He's changed my world for the better, as I know he's changed many many people's lives -- the only question left to answer is how far the ripples of his influence will extend. I, for one, am on the edge of my seat." 

Ali Rose Dachis- Actress, Yoga Instructor, Teaching Artist


Emmett is a person who seeks, supports and creates positivity. One can't help but feel his energy and light when he speaks about serving the world around him. He is driven in his art and his passion for helping. He is a giver by nature and everyone who crosses his path leaves changed. And an inspiring person like Emmett is one who actually has the means to make real change. 

Wanda E. Everage- Retired Educator with Ph.D (and much more) says...

 Emmett Phillips impresses me as being a very responsible and respectful individual. He is extremely talented and creative in his approach to education and social justice. He challenges students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community leaders to rethink past practices and explore options that would more actively engage people in the learning process, particularly related to youth. His extraordinary ability to analyze a situation and make informed decisions contributes to his conflict management skills. He is an effective communicator and uses his artistic abilities, community involvement, and speaking engagements, involving diverse and multi-generational audiences, to further promote a more global vision for the future. He will challenge the status quo when searching for solutions to problems and providing opportunities for growth. He is recognized for his commitment to students’ academic success, social engagement, and personal development. I consider it a privilege to have worked with Emmett in the Pyramid Theatre Production of “A Raisin in the Sun” and his talents and level of professionalism are to be commended. As a former middle school teacher, central office administrator, high school vice principal, and Vice Provost at Drake University (retired), I feel confident assessing his ability to significantly impact and influence the lives of others. He can and will make a difference.  

Kristi Knous, President of the Des Moines Community Foundation Says...

 It’s been a pleasure to watch Emmett grow in this community and in his role as an advocate for youth and for the arts. He has experienced the power of the arts in his personal life, and works tirelessly to expose the youth he works with to the value of arts of all forms.  Whether he is leading a poetry slam, helping youth design their personal mission statement, performing on stage or teaching the value of positivity and respectfulness, Emmett pours his passion into making the world a better place.  

Get Free!

Audio Freedom

My time as a US Soldier taught me that Freedom isn't just handed to you. You have to fight for it. If you're in your own fight for Freedom right now, consider my music ammunition. CLICK HERE TO RELOAD!


My Freedom doesn't exist without yours! Feel free to share your #fear2freedom story with me online and in person! I get inspired by hearing how others are creating more Freedom in their lives. 

What Are We Waiting For?

We've had too many generations of complacency, captivity, and chaos. It's up to you and I to transform this fear based society into (in the words of my friend Arlene Goldbard) a Culture of Possibility.

Projects and Singles

Fear 2 Freedom

Fear2Freedom is my debut Solo project as an independent artist. This project contains 13 songs all produced by Des Moines own Woozzy Moines, that will take the listner on a journey from fear to Freedom. Fear 2 Freedom is now available on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more!

Past My Past

This single was inspired by my journey to leave my past behind me and focus on the blessings at hand and ahead! 

Warrior's Way

I apply the same discipline I cultivated through my military experience into my art. The desire to train to be the best I can be hasn't left me. This song also features my fellow warrior DK. Listen to how us warriors get free! 


This song is inspired by every act of gentrification, every beautiful mural that has been painted over, and every person who refuses to allow an oppressive system to take them over!  

Dream On

Dreaming is essential to obtaining Freedom! This song is designed to encourage YOU to dream boldly and take the necessary action to make it a reality! 

Another Loss

Thanks to my family and network of Freedom Fighters, I truly feel I can't take Another Loss. This song is for those who keep me feeling like a winner in every sense of the word! 

Freedom in Action

The Warriors Way

I've always been a fighter for what I believed in. My time in the military taught me that I was a true warrior, but I found my OWN path after my service ended. Much love to all of my brothers and sisters fighting for their cause across the globe. Military and Civilian.

Pay It Forward

I've been blessed to be in the position I am in and experience this level of Freedom. I express my gratitude through working with youth and sharing the keys I've picked up along the way.

Freedom Family

Anyone who supports what I do is a supporter of Freedom, and that makes you Family. Connect with me take your place in the movement! CLICK THE PIC!

National Freedom (USDAC)

I've been working with a team of Freedom fighters that are all over the country doing work that is rooted in creativity and democracy! This is my United States Department of Arts and Culture family. CLICK THE PIC and find out more! YOU are welcome to join us!

International Freedom (ASTEP)

Artists Striving To End Poverty or ASTEP, is an organization I work closely with to use my skills as an artist to empower youth and awaken imaginations locally, nationally, and internationally! CLICK THE PIC to learn more about ASTEP! 

Freedom Writers (RunDSM)

Another way I pay the Freedom forward is with the Teaching Artist services I provide at Des Moines Public Schools through a "for youth-by-youth" organization called RunDSM. I've hosted a Hip Hop Camp, taught a poetry writing workshop, and judged poetry slams that are all designed to support and empower the youth! 

Raising Awareness: Freedom for the Western Sahara

  Four decades after its people were promised freedom by departing Spanish rulers, the Western Sahara remains Africa’s last colony. While a UN-brokered ceasefire put an end to armed hostilities in the territory in 1991, the Sahrawi people have continued to live under the Moroccan armed forces' oppressive occupation, and what peace exists in the area is fragile at best. Tens of thousands of Sahrawis have fled to neighboring Algeria, where over 125,000 refugees still live in camps that were intended to be temporary. In spite of these difficulties, a new movement, with youth at its center, is rising to challenge human rights abuses and to demand the long-promised referendum on freedom. 

Today’s generation of young activists are using creative nonviolent resistance for the cause of self-determination. In doing so, they have persevered against a torrent of conflicting forces. While risking torture and disappearance at the hands of Moroccan authorities, they are also pushing back against those who have lost patience with the international community and are ready to launch another guerrilla war. We have the power to raise awareness about this injustice here in America and apply the pressure needed to make a change. Will you join in the resistance? 


Join The Fight For Freedom in the Western Sahara!!!

SAHRAWI FREE Listening Session

Our Brothers and Sisters in the Western Sahara of South Africa need some help sharing their struggle with the world, so we have joined in to offer our voices to the fight! The link to the full song is below so be sure to hit the TAKE ACTION button and spread the word. NO  ONE has Freedom on this planet until we ALL do!

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